B3DA 18-The People Pictured Are All British

Right out of the gate, I want to post this for Lisa because I know she’ll squee at it:

And some of the rest of you squeed too, didn’t you?

And this is just for me:

Okay, moving on. To some big, life changing stuff. Seriously. About a month ago I agreed to run a half marathon with my friend Brittney (and some of our friends) the week before her wedding. I’m not sure I was in my right mind, I’d just had several (several) cups of coffee and biscuits at Ol’ South Pancake House so I was obviously feeling good, and the endorphins swept me away. Well I told myself I’d start training for it once I’d run the 5k at TLA (which turned out to not be a full 5k, but who’s judging?). So this is to be the first week of training! I’ve got 24ish weeks so I’ll be taking things slow. Lisa suggested I log my total hours at the end of each blog entry. What do y’all think?

In other news:

Happy 40th Birthday David Tennant!

~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Challenge~~~~~~

18. Moment that made you smile/happy while reading

Captain Wentworth’s love confession, just about every snarky thing Mr. Bennet says, the Middletons, when Wentworth takes Anne’s nephew off her back…


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One response to “B3DA 18-The People Pictured Are All British

  1. THANK YOU I did indeed *SQUEEE* ;D ❤
    Happy Birthday Sir Tennant! I can't believe he's 40!

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