B3DA 20: A post for yesterday about a fact from today that evokes a memory from 8 years ago

So yes, I didn’t blog yesterday. I was actually pretty productive at work and then I had dinner with my parents. My dad showed me all the crops he’s growing in our (their? Is it not mine anymore since I don’t live there now? How sad!) backyard. It’s amazing, he’s got grape vines, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, corn, okra, rosemary, sage, parsley, blueberries, blackberries, and plum, apricot, mulberries and orange trees. It’s just mindblowing.

Anyway, down to the story alluded to by the title of this post. Today is the anniversary of Mark Twain’s death.*My senior year of high school, my AP English teacher had a page-a-day calendar with inspirational quotes, she had also taped literature trivia on relevant days- “Moby Dick published” “Jane Austen was born” etc. I appointed myself the page turner of the calendar everyday before class began because I like to know those kinds of things. Usually I would remark out loud if the trivia was interesting but not to the class at large. On the day in question (April 21, 2003) I said something along the lines of “Mark Twain died today.” (as you do) and from behind me I heard a quiet “Yesssss!” I whipped around, and saw the only person seated and not talking to anyone else was a guy named Nick who was really quiet (until you got him onstage that is) normally, he was looking at his desk but looked up at me and I just cracked up. No one else cared.**

So that popped into my head this morning when I opened up my daily email from The Writer’s Almanac and saw that today is the day Mark Twain died.***

*That’s the fact

**That’s the memory

***Nothing against Mark Twain, he was kinda crazy and hated Jane Austen, but he was also pretty cool.

~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~

20. Moment that made you mad while reading.

Oooh, the beginning of Sense and Sensibility when Fanny Dashwood manipulates her husband into reducing his stepmother and half-sister’s prospects to near-poverty. UGH.


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