Oh hai! Is it TILT?

Ah TILT. There’s quite a list today!

Things I Love:

  • Dinner with my parents
  • texting my sister about dogs
  • getting a dog
  • Naming said dog Josiah Aaron Bartlet of the House Bonstina, known to his close friends as Bartlet.
  • Bartlet

  • tumblr- I spend waaaay too much time just looking at gifs from Misfits, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Parks and Rec, Jane Austen, you name it…actually please name a couple things I may not have thought to look for yet!
  • Luke, always Luke

    ~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~

    21.Favorite Jane Austen-related photo.

    Right now, it’s this one from theotherausten

    ******Total Miles Run To Date******

    4.5 miles



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2 responses to “B3DA 21: TILT

  1. Autumn

    Congrats on the dog! So cute. And amen to the Luke thing. Amen sister.

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