It’s Always Halloween or Another Crafternoon

So The Dollar Tree already has Halloween stuff out! Normally I am in the camp that is flabbergasted by Halloween things in August or Christmas things out in October, but this time I was just excited since I’ve slowly been acquiring Halloween decorations all year long (Tuesday Morning always has Halloween things in their clearance section, I always treat myself to 1 thing when I’m there!). My obsession with this holiday is growing rapidly. BUT, I don’t like super scary things, I’m more a fan of cute spooky or Dia De Los Muertos (not technically Halloween, but I don’t feel bad lumping them together).

So when I saw this door knocker, I wasn’t in love.

But I thought it had potential AND it was only $1, so I brought it home. I decided to turn the creepy skull into a more friendly sugar skull or calavera.

I started off by taking out the knocker part and painted it with 2 coats of white paint, for a nice sugar skull look.

I was going to use markers for the details but I couldn’t find them (I think sharpies would work really well)! However, when I was rummaging through my craft closet I found my trusty puff fabric paint, which is great for detail work (I used it for my awesome TARDIS laptop cover.

I always start with details around the eyes.

And then just went crazy! That’s my favorite part of calaveras, you can’t have too much going on.

I ended up with this

You can’t really tell in the photo, but I filled the eye and nose sockets with black glitter. And the knocker now says Bienvenidos (what could be more fitting?)


I’m so much happier with this now. Also, I REALLY can’t wait for Halloween!



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9 responses to “It’s Always Halloween or Another Crafternoon

  1. awesome, and where is the tardis laptop?

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  3. Excellent – have to go find a Dollar Store …..

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