Prepare Yourselves

If you know me, you know I love two things. Actually, if you know me you know I love lots of things. Lots and lots of things. And that I’m fond of hyperbole. But anyway, if you know me, you know that two things I dearly love are Halloween and my Birthday (lovingly referred to as Birthukkah).

Now that Halloween is nearing (don’t worry, I will blog about my ridiculous costume in all it’s glory) and I’m pretty prepared, my mind naturally moves on to plans for Birthukkah.

There are two things in the works for it so far.

One of them is a surprise (though if you follow me on twitter, not much of one) and very in keeping with the holiday season with which my birthday coincides.

The second is, I have decided what I want to have in lieu of Birthday Cake!


So hopefully my mom, the piemaker extraordinaire can pull it off..

Also, that photo prompted this frankly hysterical exchange with my coworker Keith.

Me: I want that in my mouth now.

Keith:  i’m pretty sure that can’t exist

me: It has to, or my life is not completeI’m going to ask my mom to make it for my birthday

Keith:  it is a paradox of pie pleasure no man could possibly create, let alone consume

me:  I’m saving that quoteto describe it when it happens. what types of pie should it be?

Keith:  hmmm…my first instinct is two berry pies, because they would probably blend really well, but now i am thinking two opposite ends of the spectrum pies for maximum juxtaposition of tastes

me:  So, like apple and pumpkin?

Keith:  i was thinking coconut cream and key lime or you could go lemon and lime…lemon meringue and key lime lol or go all out and do cherry and meat pie lolme:  Oh god, I may have just vomited a little.

Keith:  you could end the pumpkin pie vs. pecan pie debate forever and simply combine them into one mega thanksgiving piegasm

me:  Oh good lord. Piegasm.

Keith:  that’s a good quote for a T-shirt “I have achieved piegasm”

me:  I dare you to wear a shirt that says “I have achieved piegasm”

Insert dirty Ned joke here. 🙂

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