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Can’t we wear costumes everyday?

I really wish we could!

I’ve been meaning to blog about my much-talked-about Halloween costume, but I couldn’t find a photo that showed all the details until now. So here we go! There’s a list below to describe all the little bits/everything about the costume. I got really into my theme, which was Steampunk ‘Book’aneer, or just Book Pirate as I told all the uninitiated. 🙂


  1.  Book page eyepatch with Jolly Roger reading a book
  2. Book page earrings (not pictured- book page bracelet)
  3. White shirt from my mom’s closet dyed with tea
  4. Quoth the Raven (with a book page speech bubble “Never more”
  5. Hollowed out book that holds pistol which unfurls the word ‘Bang!’ when fired
  6. Corset made (by Kat) from strapless minidress
  7. Collar from a men’s shirt (tailored to my neck by Kat), vintage cameo
  8. Tiny paper books tied to my corset strings wrapped around my waist
  9. Old bridesmaid skirt ruched in front (by my mom) and bustled in back (by Robin)
  10. Steampunk-hacked nerfgun made for me by one of my kids
  11. Witch Halloween decoration, not a part of my costume

Not noted: the writing on my stockings (a book on one leg, Walt Disney quote on the other), the metal bustle frame my dad made for me that I couldn’t/wouldn’t wear to work, YA Halloweeny book display behind  me, aaand  the blue stuff on my wrist is my tattoo…

My kids and coworkers did a good job with the theme as well!


I am probably going to keep/modify/add to this to wear to Comicpalooza in 2012…


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My Bucket List

This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health. Want to enter? Head over to to get the details.

I’ve been really lucky and healthy in my life so far, and a couple things have already been crossed off my bucket list. I hope it still counts though!

  1. Go to Australia
  2. Jump out of a plane
  3. Get a tattoo of something that is special to me
  4. Become a notary public
  5. Meet Neil Gaiman
  6. Be an auctioneer for at least one auction
  7. Learn to play the harmonica
  8. Visit my sister in Spain
  9. Get my Master’s Degree
  10. Have a job I’m passionate about
  11. Travel to Bhutan
  12. See Jane Austen’s house
  13. Swim with a sea turtle
  14. Be a godmother
  15. Run a half marathon
  16. Go on a transatlantic cruise

I think 7 out of 16 is pretty accomplished for 26 (almost 27 years), isn’t it? Perhaps I should be adding some new things to the list! Also, a lot of things I want to do before I die aren’t really list-material. They’re ongoing things like making and keeping great friendships, challenging myself to be creative etc.


So there’s my entry and a blog post for today. Hopefully I’ll also, finally, blog about my Halloween costume tonight!


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