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Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. As she is awesome and I am trying to save money, I decided to make her present this year.

I found a great craft tutorial on pinterest that involves one of my favorite crafts- shrinky dinks!

So I requested photos from my sisters and set to work!

Using Type 6 recyclable plastic and a sharpie I traced our silhouettes.

I just held the plastic to my laptop screen to trace. I also added a little frame and our initials.

Then I baked them on a tray of foil for a few minutes and they magically shrank!*


Then I attached them to a bracelet (I punched holes in the plastic before baking)

I put the corresponding letter next to the corresponding daughter.

They make a lovely clacking noise, just like we do in real life when we fight 🙂

In ascending age from left to right- Robin, Katie, Me.


I’m pretty proud of it, and mom seemed to like it! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of her showing it off…

I leave you instead with this picture of Bartlet ‘keeping calm’

*Not really magic, science. This is the tutorial I always use when making shrinky dinks. It’s great:

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