Take a cup of kindness


When I was in Edinburgh a few years ago, I bought and stitched this exact cross-stitch pattern. Did I remember to put it up this year? Nope.

Oh you know what this post is. It’s going to be full of New Year’s Resolutions! Like blogging more and running more and eating better. I’m definitely not above that, even if the over-saturation of these posts is starting to annoy me.

First off, a few fun things. Did you know I’m getting a cat? I am! Right now her name is Dasher, but it’ll probably- mostly likely- definitely be changed to Leonora (Leo for short, so she can be Bartlet’s Chief of Staff)


Is she not adorable?

She totally is. She still has to gain 7.5 oz before she’s big enough to be fixed and get the rest of her shots and then she’ll be ready for adoption. In the meantime she is having a ball at her foster mom’s with her sisters. Here’s the latest photo of her and her sister Dancer (Dasher/Leo is on the right)


She’s already a lot bigger! Which is, I guess, the nature of kittens and all young things, you know, to grow.

For Christmas my sister made me the most amazing cat bed for her. I cannot even express my excitement about this present. It can only be expressed through the amount of screaming I did.


You can clearly see that this gift is all sorts of awesome. There are cat toys hanging from the ceiling AND popping up from the carpet. There’s carpet. And photos of me, me with my old cat Maniac, and Bartlet on the walls. AND she made it herself. I love handmade gifts. She could have sanded and painted a piece of wood and I would’ve been ecstatic, but this is just. so. awesome.

In other exciting news, my dear dear friends Peter and Brittney are leaving  this month for their Peace Corps adventure in Morocco. I was lucky to get to see them last weekend at a Going Away party in Fort Worth. I will miss them terribly, but am so proud of the work they will be doing and cannot wait to visit them next year when they’re settled.


Okay, so moving on. A few of those requisite resolutions. And sorry to be cliche but one of them is about food.

  • Adhere to Meatless Mondays (this is both for the health reasons and as a sort of homage to my grandfather who abstained from meat on Mondays for most of his adult life for personal reasons)
  • Decorate my dresser drawers with pages from an old copy of Jane Eyre, possibly paint the handles gold and maybe the body of the dresser white?
  • Play some sort of group sport for fun.
  • Edit the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo
  • Be better at staying in touch with beloved friends. Whether it’s email, text, letter, or even the dreaded phone call.

And that’s all I’ve got for the year. Like Becky, I don’t want to have resolutions so much as philosophies and as I’m pretty content with my own philosophies, I don’t see much reason to change or add to things that are already making me happy and my life grand.


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