Well that didn’t go as planned…

Ah April, when one has so many hopes and aspirations….and so many other things that get in they way of them.

I slack. Already! So early in. And yet, I am not ashamed. I spent time with old friends, I made new friends, I read books, and watched tv, took glorious walks with my dog, visited historic places and did a little work somewhere in there too. So, I’m sad I wasn’t able to blog as faithfully as I promised, but not enough to harsh my mellow as it were.

Later I might post a few pictures from the beautiful wedding I attended in Savannah last weekend. My dear Katie got married and it seems like just the other day she was banging on the walls between our closets to tell me and Holly we were laughing too loudly…

Tonight is karaoke! Leigh Anne is having a birthday and we’re celebrating with song! It’s like we live in a musical! Only I have no idea what I want to sing besides Patsy Cline’s version of Crazy (did you know Willie Nelson wrote Crazy? And if you did, did you also know that he wrote it while he was living in the Houston area?). And I can’t leave my audience on such a downer, can I? My karaoke standby, Hook by Blues Traveler is not available. I mean seriously, what is up with this place if they don’t have Hook! *shakes fist* All the songs I wanna sing are terribly sad or by dudes and not in my range or really indie (suuuch a hipster, I know), and I want everyone to like me! So many conundrums.


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