Nothing would be enough.

This morning I happily followed my good friend Ruthie’s tweets and instagram posts as she and her 1 year old son Benjy hung out in Boston while her husband ran the Boston Marathon. I’d just ‘liked’ her photo with Adam in the Family Meeting Area on facebook when I switched back to my Twitter tab and saw the first reports of the explosions. I skimmed over several before they sunk in and I immediately texted her to make sure they were safe. Almost immediately I got a response of ‘Yes, why?’ and then she too checked twitter…They’re back in their hotel room and safe and I’ve spent the afternoon watching live footage and trying to process all of this.

There’s nothing I can say, nothing new for me to offer beyond my profound sadness for everyone affected, my pride in all of the selfless responders, and my prayers for the prevention of further damage and for healing of all those in pain.

After several hours of watching these events unfold my heart hurts and my brain feels broken, I can’t even fathom how people in Boston may be feeling.


Edit to add: Ruthie was just interviewed about today’s events. So so glad they’re safe.–203101471.html


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