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Back In Craft

I’m back again to post some pics of crafts I’ve done recently.

Book Hedgehogs!

365 366

Book art!

Book Art (4)

Radioactive Fairy Lights

Radioactive Fairy Jars (3) Radioactive Fairy Jars (19) Radioactive Fairy Jars YA (2) Radioactive Fairy Jars YA (11)Radioactive Fairy Jars YA (12)

Star Wars Crafts!

Star Wars Day (13) Star Wars Day (27)

Franken-Animals (based on Michelle’s craft!)

YA Party (16)

Glow Cloud (from leftover Frankenpets)


Neck-tie phone case

2014-09-10 14.48.07 2014-09-10 14.48.29


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