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Day 3- Family Dinner, Lizzie Bennet, and Road Trips!

It’s Wednesday and that means Family Dinner Night! I always get psyched because A.) Free Dinner B.) my family rocks. Seriously. I don’t want to brag (though I’m totally going to) but I was hanging out with some friends the other day and we (they) were talking about their siblings and parents and I was really glad the conversation changed subjects before it got to me because I almost felt guilty that I had no real horror stories to tell about mine. We aren’t perfect and our relationships aren’t perfect. We fight and disagree and piss each other, but I genuinely love hanging with both of my parents and my both of my sisters. I spent the entire weekend at home and am still excited about having dinner there tonight. My dad will show me what things he’s made in his barn or the new/used truck he just bought, I’ll help mom and Katie cook dinner/vent about their week so far, fend off attention from all the dogs, share a bottle of wine and catch up on Castle and other tv shows and then head home. It’ll be awesome!

In other news, prompted by the kickstarter campaign and my pledge in the Pride and Prejudice Challenge, I finally got back around to finishing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And then kicked myself for not jumping on that train as it left the station! So many awesome things going on with this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! The characters all have twitter accounts, apparently there are lookbooks and instagram accounts and pinterest boards and tumblrs! Basically all the things I love about the internet PLUS Jane Austen! Luckily the kickstarter is putting them all (all? twitter transcripts?) on dvd. And that’s a good thing. I hope this puts it in the hands of people who, like me, were reticent to watch 5 minute videos twice a week. Or those people who missed the social media bandwagon but still love Jane Austen’s timeless story. And this re-imagining of the story further proves the true universality of Pride and Prejudice. Even in a 2012-2013 suburban bedroom we all recognize the sharp tongued Miss Elizabeth Bennet and her practical best friend Charlotte Lu(cas). Jane is as sweet as ever and Lydia just as flighty and exasperating. But this retelling gives Austen’s characters even more depth and roundness. Through other video diaries we learn more about Lydia and Lizzie’s relationship and Charlotte is not completely written out of the story after she leaves with Mr. Collins. But I think my favorite storyline quirk is the resolution of Jane and Bing(ly)’s storyline. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have yet to watch it, but yeah, it’s pretty great. Becky talks about it more in her blog entry from April 1, hers is a more emotional testimonial to the story’s power since she watched it from the beginning. As I should have done.

Luckily, the creators of the LBD aren’t done! Next up is a short series based on Jane Austen’s Sanditon and then in July an entirely new book adaptation will start. But we don’t know what book is next! So Becky and I were discussing it today, debating which books would be ideal for such an update and how various issues would be dealt with in a modern context. We pitched Huck Finn and realized it would be a Road Trip Vlog, and then we decided that WE wanted to make a road trip vlog! So now that’s in the works for spring break next year! Somewhere in the West. It’ll be made even better by the fact that we have yet to meet in person. So exciting!!


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It’s that time again!

So 5 years ago…wait was it really 5 years ago? That’s what Becky is saying, and I truest her, so I’ll take her word for it. But anyway, 5 years ago, the amazing and batty Maureen Johnson decided to blog everyday for the entire month of April. A pretty ambitious undertaking even if she is a professional writer and (I presume) already writes everyday. Then a bunch of her readers/followers wanted to join in and then she matched us all up together (she must not have written anything work related in April, come to think of it). And that’s how I met the 3 lovely ladies I call my BEDA Buddies! Becky (mentioned above), Autumn and Nicola have become fixtures in my life even though I’ve yet to meet in any of them in ‘real life’. Psh, like the Internet isn’t real.

So this entry marks the beginning of 30 straight days of blogging. And though I’m crazy busy this spring (coordinated calendars with my family on Saturday and the first weekend I have free is in late May), I am committed to doing this this year! Tomorrow I’ll do a quick recap of all the exciting things that have happened in my life since last April but today I’ll go over  a few exciting things that have already gone down today (and it’s not even noon yet!).

Just after I got to work this morning, one of shelvers heard a noise while she was emptying the book drop. It sounded like a cat, so Karen and I sprang into action. When we got outside we discovered that it was a cat! A little gray kitten hiding behind our shrubbery and meowing the saddest meows. Karen went back inside to try and call Animal Control and I attempted to catch the kitty. I didn’t have a lot of luck, lacking the guts to roughly grab her I just followed her from one flower bed to another, making my way around the library. Until a random good Samaritan/animal rescuer saw me and joined me on the front lawn and together we caught her as she tried to scurry under another bush. Once she was in my helper’s arms she was completely docile and didn’t try to struggle at all. My helper even volunteered to take her over to animal control for us! I love when things work out like that!

Then an hour or so later a regular patron dropped by the Children’s Desk to say hello. His 8 year old granddaughter and I are close because I used to do storytimes at her daycare/preschool. Sydney is precociousness personified and her grandpa likes to fill me in on Sydney Stories when he comes in. Today he told me about a conversation he and Sydney had about mentors. He asked her if she knew what a mentor was and she said yes, a mentor is someone who supports you and helps you learn things you want to learn. Then he asked her if she had ever had a mentor and she thought about it for a minute and said, “I think my mentor is Christina!”

And that, my friends, is just one of the many reasons I love my job.

So welcome to Blog Every Day April, are you ready? I am!


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I’m with Autumn

So Autumn posted a blog last night http://autumnhasfallen.blogspot.com/ about her July challenge and I think I shall join her! Her challenge is to lay off the sweets for a month. She’s allowing herself 2 exceptions so I will too. The first one will be on Sunday because Robin is making a pie. The other will have to be really good. And then I will pig out in Cape May in August 🙂

Bye bye sweets! Ooh, this is a like a mini-Lent! I like a challenge, I think it might be interesting to do a vegetarian month/week too. To sort of get out of food ruts or whatever. Okay, will stop thinking about food now.

Except to say that I made a Thai beef curry last night.

It’s okay. I wish it was spicier and I wish I’d added fewer noodles because it is definitely noodle heavy and that takes away from the curry-ness in my opinion. But it was my first attempt at Thai curry so I’m pretty proud of myself for deciding last minute to do it (there was a cookbook on Thai curries in the donation pile as I was leaving work). Also, the recipe made so much (and it didn’t even occur to me to half it) that there were 5 (5!) tupperware containers-worth leftover. So I’m set for lunch for a while!

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