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B3DA 19: Book Review

I was about to choose a book and climb into bed when I remembered I hadn’t blogged. So here I am! Tuesdays are always weird to me, I don’t go into work till noon, and I have 2 programs back to back from 4:30-6:30, and then dinner till 7:30 and we close at 9:00, so add in a meeting with the other children’s dept. librarians and that makes for a quick feeling workday. And if I’m productive in the morning, it makes it seem long. Does that make sense? This morning I managed to go for a run, shower, clean the kitchen, watch an episode of the Graham Norton show, and modpodge an old coffee tin and replant my favorite plant Emerac into said tin before heading off to work. Whew! Anyway, now it’s time for a book review.

Well I don’t know if this will really be a review so much as a discussion or thought/rant. My coworker Karen and I are in the middle of a project. We reading (her) and rereading (me) the Harry Potter series, actually we’re listening to the audiobooks on our commutes which is a real joy since Jim Dale is the narrator (though I hear Stephen Fry reads the British version-awesome!).

We’re on Order of the Phoenix now and I’ve realized while listening that I must not have paid very close attention during my first (and only) read when the book was first published because I remember very little of what’s happening! The biggest impression Order of the Phoenix left with me was of being very dark and moody. Harry was angsty all the time, we learn about the Order, Professor Umbridge was simperingly evil, Fred and George pulled their epic pranks, and there was The Character Who Died. But that’s about it. Listening to it now, I’m totally drawn in (and I can see why everyone was so angry about movies 5 & 6 now!)! It is darker, Fudge and Umbridge make me grit my teeth and want to scream (sometimes I do), she truly is the most villainous character I can think of at the moment. Yeah, I’d even put her above Voldemort. He’s out and out bad in a way that cartoonish compared to her creeping, sickly sweet fascism. Urrrrrgh, she makes me so angry! BUT Dumbledore is a total Bad Ass. Dumbledore’s Army is incredibly brave and resourceful, Dobby is there, Fred and George are just starting their pranks, we’re going to meet Hagrid’s half brother any day now, and so much more stuff. Okay, enough. I told myself I’d write till 10:30 and it’s 10:30 and you’ve all already read this book so there’s no need for me to tell you I’m giving in 5 stars.

Oh and here’s Ron eating:

In sad, sad, sad news of the day. Elisabeth Sladen passed away this morning. She played the Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith from 1973-1976 (Pertwee and Baker), recurring her role in 2006 (with David Tennant’s Doctor), and she was awesome.

~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~

19. Moment that made you laugh while reading.

“Very well. We now come to the point. Your mother insists upon your accepting it. Is it not so, Mrs. Bennet?”

“Yes, or I will never see her again.”

“An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you again if you do.

Elizabeth could not but smile at such a conclusion of such a beginning, but Mrs. Bennet, who had persuaded herself that her husband regarded the affair as she wished, was excessively disappointed.

“What do you mean, Mr. Bennet, in talking this way? You promised me to insist upon her marrying him.”

Cracks me up every time!

****Total Miles Run To Date****




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B3DA Day 3- Crushes!

Oh yay, one of my favorite subjects! I love hypothetical crushes. Do you ever get a crush on someone that you just can’t explain? I do, most of the time I can make sense of it but a lot of the time people just look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t blame them, I think it’s crazy too. Here are a few of my more confusing objects of affection. Now,keep in mind some of these aren’t sexual crushes at all, I just feel drawn to these people’s faces or voices or something indefinable. And someone else must find them appealing too, because they consistently get cast in things and/or are successful enough that I see them a lot.

  • James Patterson- I’ve worked in public libraries since 2001, this means I’ve seen and shelved about a 100 different James Patterson titles, and he has a different author photo in each. And there’s just something about this guy’s weather beaten face that strikes a chord with me. I have no desire to read his books (even his YA books don’t really appeal too much) but I always check out his photos and grin.

Do you see it?

  • Pete Hornberger from 30 Rock- he’s a reluctant father to a brood of seemingly horrific children and a distant husband, he’s balding and has a cro magnon brow line, but I just want to hug him.

Can you explain it to me?

  • Tyler Labine- he usually plays a wisecracking jerk but I love him and I watch just about everything he’s done..also he’s Canadian. And he makes his new show ‘Crazy Love’ worth watching.

Big cuddly, obnoxious teddy bear

  • Nina Sharp from Fringe- In the first few seasons of Fringe, we weren’t sure if Nina was the enemy  or not, but from the very first episode she was in I had a girl crush on her. Is it her awesome red hair? Her all black wardrobe? Her position of power and intelligence?Her bionic hand (it might have a lot to do with her bionic hand)? Who knows, she’s just awesome.


Arghh, the end of this post got not-saved. And there was this adorable stuff about my favorite Jane Austen book at the end.

This is how I feel:

Le Sigh

But here’s a hint as to my favorite Austen book:


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A title eludes me

Really, how did I manage to blog every day in April? It boggles the mind. Spent the weekend cleaning and packing.

Have I mentioned that I’m going on a little vacation next week? I am! With my mom and my grandmother to Crossville, Tennessee (and surrounding cities). We went a few summers ago (along with my sister Robin) and it was gorgeous. Very green and a little cooler than here (87 degrees and 42% humidity there right as opposed to 92 with 54%). I’ll only be gone Tuesday-Saturday but I’m already trying to brace myself for my grandmother who is sweet but very scatter brained and a little crazy.  But we’re hoping to record her telling some family stories for a little family history thing I’d like to start compiling. We’ll see how it goes, if there’s anything fun to share I’ll try and post it here! 🙂

I’ve only got 4 books packed for the trip and I’m afraid they aren’t a broad enough spectrum but I’m committed to them (also I sent my mom ahead with a bag full of graphic novels just in case!):

Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace (I finally read one of his essays yesterday and I’m sad it’s taken me so long to give his stuff a try! Footnotes!)

A Sprig of Muslin by Georgette Heyer (For the past few trips Heyer has  been so indispensable she’s now a requirement)

Brigid of Kildare by Heather Terrell (A historical fiction about St. Brigid, seems like it’ll be in the vein of Tracy Chevalier,  hoping I like it)

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson (Bryson is a hoot, and we’re going to be pretty close to the Appalachian mountains so I thought it would be more appropriate than his book about traveling in Europe)

Okay, I’m pretty happy/excited about reading these books. But I also can’t help but be worried about the lack of variety they offer. 2 historical fictions and 2 non-fictions? No realistic or contemporary fiction and no YA? Makes me a little nervous..Does anyone else worry about things like this? I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?

Anyway, I’ll try and post some pictures of all the pretty of the upcoming week.

Also, as uninvolved as I am in most things sports related, I still have to mention that TCU baseball is in the Men’s College World Series! And we’ve won our first game already. We play again tomorrow at 8! It just occurred to me that I could go watch the game somewhere….

Okay, off to get ready to read at mass then cook a Father’s Day dinner for my dad with Robin. Yum for Salmon, salad, crescent rolls and PIE!

Ooh speaking of Father’s Day, I ordered something for my dad and today he went out and bought the exact same thing for himself. Sigh. Luckily Robin let me know so I could get replacement gifts, but now I have to deal with returning this thing. Anyone need a ?

Le sigh. Ah well..

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