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I’m with Autumn

So Autumn posted a blog last night http://autumnhasfallen.blogspot.com/ about her July challenge and I think I shall join her! Her challenge is to lay off the sweets for a month. She’s allowing herself 2 exceptions so I will too. The first one will be on Sunday because Robin is making a pie. The other will have to be really good. And then I will pig out in Cape May in August 🙂

Bye bye sweets! Ooh, this is a like a mini-Lent! I like a challenge, I think it might be interesting to do a vegetarian month/week too. To sort of get out of food ruts or whatever. Okay, will stop thinking about food now.

Except to say that I made a Thai beef curry last night.

It’s okay. I wish it was spicier and I wish I’d added fewer noodles because it is definitely noodle heavy and that takes away from the curry-ness in my opinion. But it was my first attempt at Thai curry so I’m pretty proud of myself for deciding last minute to do it (there was a cookbook on Thai curries in the donation pile as I was leaving work). Also, the recipe made so much (and it didn’t even occur to me to half it) that there were 5 (5!) tupperware containers-worth leftover. So I’m set for lunch for a while!

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