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BEDA 28, A bit more than a few of my favorite things

Okay, I’m fading fast, wanna get to bed and read so let’s do this. Today’s theme is favorites. I wrote about my favorite movies yesterday so today I’m just going to list some random faves as they pop into my head.

Corduroy, Birthdays, ice cream, bright colors, photography, the Dewey Decimal System, comic books, Wonder Woman, basil, Neil Gaiman, Prendergast, best friends, quotes, zebra stripes, hamsters, cheesecake, spaghetti carbonara, James Cagney, screwball comedies, sports movies, Australia, England, Doctor Who, messy Brendan Fraser, sunglasses, earrings, honeysuckle, blogs, sarcasm, bra shopping, rings, alphabetizing things, riding bikes, tv, accents, NPH, octopuses, harmonicas, the colors green and grey and yellow, gelatto, BEDA, Maureen Johnson, museums, the smell of butter, olive oil, dark chocolate, coffee, the beach, big porches, windchimes, cats, Target tank tops, and anything Aaron Sorkin. Oh Aaron Sorkin.

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