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I’m with Autumn

So Autumn posted a blog last night http://autumnhasfallen.blogspot.com/ about her July challenge and I think I shall join her! Her challenge is to lay off the sweets for a month. She’s allowing herself 2 exceptions so I will too. The first one will be on Sunday because Robin is making a pie. The other will have to be really good. And then I will pig out in Cape May in August 🙂

Bye bye sweets! Ooh, this is a like a mini-Lent! I like a challenge, I think it might be interesting to do a vegetarian month/week too. To sort of get out of food ruts or whatever. Okay, will stop thinking about food now.

Except to say that I made a Thai beef curry last night.

It’s okay. I wish it was spicier and I wish I’d added fewer noodles because it is definitely noodle heavy and that takes away from the curry-ness in my opinion. But it was my first attempt at Thai curry so I’m pretty proud of myself for deciding last minute to do it (there was a cookbook on Thai curries in the donation pile as I was leaving work). Also, the recipe made so much (and it didn’t even occur to me to half it) that there were 5 (5!) tupperware containers-worth leftover. So I’m set for lunch for a while!


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BEDA Wrap Up

Not in the mood for a coherent entry today so it’s going to be bullet points and photo highlights. Spent a lazy Sunday with M, E, and Buddy watching tv, cooking (well E cooked and I photographed the process for her), coloring, and of course eating. We loooove to eat.

The late morning started off with mimosas, coffee and delicious pancakes:

Nutella and Strawberries are always the way to go!

What my plate looks like afterward 🙂

And the ever adorable Buddy:

When we decided to have a lazy Sunday* we thought it was a perfect day for tomato soup and (after watching an episode of Best Thing I’ve Eaten- the bacon edition) BLTs so we got provisions and got to work.

I love E's stovetop

Basil: one of the best smells EVER

Pinch of salt for the homemade soup

Just liked this shot

Adding cream! Yum!!

Delish goat cheese was noshed on while soup simmered

E and I colored while M yelled at the Cubs

Getting the L and the T ready for the BLT

Dinner, glorious dinner, is served!

Close up on the BLT

Okay, that’s that’s all of the photos I’m going to post (though I took many, many more). Here’s a list of things we watched today:

  • Across the Universe
  • Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten
  • Cubs vs. Astros game (2-3, M’s heart was broken)
  • 3 episodes of Deadliest Warrior (Mafia vs. Yakuza, Green Berets vs. Speznaz, and Maori vs. Shaolin Monk)
  • Walk Hard the Dewey Cox Story
  • Beauty and the Briefcase
  • Utlimate Recipe Showdown

(some of these were only bits and pieces)

Also, finished Betrayal of the Blood Lily by Lauren Willig, started The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister (Holly I think this is one for you, it’s about cooking and there are blurbs from Sarah Addison Allen and Marisa de los Santos on it!) On my trip this week I finished listening to East by Edith Patou, Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich and I’m almost done with Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock…

Okay, off to bed because tomorrow I will EXERCISE!

*Isn’t Andy Samberg totes adorable? Love that dark hair and his nose…

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