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Recap Time!

Since I’m such a lax blogger when it’s not Blog Every Day April, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to filling all of my many many readers in on what I’ve been up to over the past year or so (I guess longer since I didn’t participate in BEDA last year). If you follow me on twitter you will know all of these things and much more, so bear with me as I go through the highlights. Here’s my 2012, illustrated by a LOT of pictures. Because that’s how I roll.

Last February I hosted my Inaugural Galentine’s Day Crafternoon, a day inspired by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope’s gathering of lady friends. We crafted and ate and drank and it was awesome. Had a second one this February and it was also great!

In March I ran in my second half marathon, the Baylor Bearathon. They call it the Hardest Half in Texas and I believe it! There were *lots* of hills, but the weather was great and I made some friends along the way!

Right after the Bearathon (literally the next day) I flew to Spain to spend 2 weeks with my sister Katie. I can’t believe that was a year ago! It was amazing, even if I never learned Spanish..

April was the Texas Library Association Conference and I took a bunch of my teens for the Texas Teens 4 Libraries Day and it was awesome. I met and became friends with author Ben Hatke! I also went on  Texas BBQ tour and ate loooots of delicious barbecue and went to the wedding of a dear old friend/ex-boyfriend.

May was pretty chill. Geared up for the Summer Reading Club. Celebrated Lisa’s 21st Birthday.

June was pretty chill too. Just met Wilson Phillips. No big. And Carnie Wilson told me I was pretty.

July was ComicCon. Look, Elijah Wood!

In August I miraculously got to see The Old 97s FOR FREE

In September I made my debut on the stage. And by stage I mean the back patio at a coffee shop during Houston’s Fringe Festival. My costar was a giant penguin. Not lying. Even if I don’t have the photographic evidence to back it up. The Cholulas also made it out to the Ranch

In October I partied with some dinos at the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Halloween Party, while dressed as Arthur Dent.

In November I jetted off to Miami for a reunion with some college friends. Oh and I also wrote a book. But more on that in another entry.

In December Jen and I ran another half marathon, the Shiner Beer Run. There was beer afterward. And it was awesome.

In December, Bonnie and I decided to adopt not one but TWO kittens

I also got in a quick visit to see this dude and his wife in Fort Worth while also saying good-bye to my dear friends who joined the Peace Corps.

Took Mom to the symphony to see the Irish Chieftains in February.

And then Jen up and left me to move to Denver. BAH Denver.

At the Girls Only Slumber Party, Lisa and I stayed up all night. Can you tell?

Aaaaand that’s about it. Well not really. But this post has taken long enough to load in your browser so I’ll just say that was about it. 2012, even if it wasn’t the apocalypse, was a pretty eventful year. Stick around, I’m sure 2013 will be just as crazy.



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Can’t we wear costumes everyday?

I really wish we could!

I’ve been meaning to blog about my much-talked-about Halloween costume, but I couldn’t find a photo that showed all the details until now. So here we go! There’s a list below to describe all the little bits/everything about the costume. I got really into my theme, which was Steampunk ‘Book’aneer, or just Book Pirate as I told all the uninitiated. 🙂


  1.  Book page eyepatch with Jolly Roger reading a book
  2. Book page earrings (not pictured- book page bracelet)
  3. White shirt from my mom’s closet dyed with tea
  4. Quoth the Raven (with a book page speech bubble “Never more”
  5. Hollowed out book that holds pistol which unfurls the word ‘Bang!’ when fired
  6. Corset made (by Kat) from strapless minidress
  7. Collar from a men’s shirt (tailored to my neck by Kat), vintage cameo
  8. Tiny paper books tied to my corset strings wrapped around my waist
  9. Old bridesmaid skirt ruched in front (by my mom) and bustled in back (by Robin)
  10. Steampunk-hacked nerfgun made for me by one of my kids
  11. Witch Halloween decoration, not a part of my costume

Not noted: the writing on my stockings (a book on one leg, Walt Disney quote on the other), the metal bustle frame my dad made for me that I couldn’t/wouldn’t wear to work, YA Halloweeny book display behind  me, aaand  the blue stuff on my wrist is my tattoo…

My kids and coworkers did a good job with the theme as well!


I am probably going to keep/modify/add to this to wear to Comicpalooza in 2012…


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Prepare Yourselves

If you know me, you know I love two things. Actually, if you know me you know I love lots of things. Lots and lots of things. And that I’m fond of hyperbole. But anyway, if you know me, you know that two things I dearly love are Halloween and my Birthday (lovingly referred to as Birthukkah).

Now that Halloween is nearing (don’t worry, I will blog about my ridiculous costume in all it’s glory) and I’m pretty prepared, my mind naturally moves on to plans for Birthukkah.

There are two things in the works for it so far.

One of them is a surprise (though if you follow me on twitter, not much of one) and very in keeping with the holiday season with which my birthday coincides.

The second is, I have decided what I want to have in lieu of Birthday Cake!


So hopefully my mom, the piemaker extraordinaire can pull it off..

Also, that photo prompted this frankly hysterical exchange with my coworker Keith.

Me: I want that in my mouth now.

Keith:  i’m pretty sure that can’t exist

me: It has to, or my life is not completeI’m going to ask my mom to make it for my birthday

Keith:  it is a paradox of pie pleasure no man could possibly create, let alone consume

me:  I’m saving that quoteto describe it when it happens. what types of pie should it be?

Keith:  hmmm…my first instinct is two berry pies, because they would probably blend really well, but now i am thinking two opposite ends of the spectrum pies for maximum juxtaposition of tastes

me:  So, like apple and pumpkin?

Keith:  i was thinking coconut cream and key lime or you could go lemon and lime…lemon meringue and key lime lol or go all out and do cherry and meat pie lolme:  Oh god, I may have just vomited a little.

Keith:  you could end the pumpkin pie vs. pecan pie debate forever and simply combine them into one mega thanksgiving piegasm

me:  Oh good lord. Piegasm.

Keith:  that’s a good quote for a T-shirt “I have achieved piegasm”

me:  I dare you to wear a shirt that says “I have achieved piegasm”

Insert dirty Ned joke here. 🙂

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Buen Viaje!

[Insert usual apologies for lack of blogging here]

Many new things happening in my life.

Yesterday my little sister, Katie, left to live in Spain for 10 months. To clear up the common confusion, I have two younger sisters. Katie who is 22 months younger than me (That means for part of the year-like right now-we’re technically only a year apart, I hate this!) and Robin is exactly 6 years and 1 week younger than me. Not confusing, right? Well, most people can’t tell them apart. No joke, they’ve convinced strangers that they are fraternal twins.

Really, there's a 4 year difference!

Anyway, Katie graduated in May and was accepted to a program to teach English in a school in Estepa, a small village outside Seville. She was very excited but nervous when she left yesterday, but I’m confident she’ll be fantastic. Her plane was due to land in Malaga about an hour ago and I’ve never felt the need to text her more than I have since we dropped her off!
Since she’s been home most of the summer, we got to spend more time together than we have in the past several years. We kept each other sane during our trip with our grandmother, I helped her gather things she needed to take with her and got her a new camera, and she came to see Maureen Johnson with us which led to meeting a fellow nerdfighter who had also lived in Seville and was able to give her lots of advice. The past two weeks have been particularly intense because her birthday was the 22nd, and we had a going away party that lasted till the wee hours of the morning. So I’ve been at my parents house 10 days out of the last 14… All this means I’m going to miss her more than when she just lived 3 hours away…which is logical I guess. But I’m planning on visiting her in the Spring, probably in April, so who knows what that means for BEDA…

In other news, it officially Halloween! I mean October. Hopefully that means cooler weather will arrive soon AND Halloween is mere weeks away. I’ve been slyly making people work on my costume for me. I am very sneaky about it. But seriously I would not be nearly close to done as I am without some major help (you know, since I can’t sew). Today, my mom will hopefully be able to work on the skirts and then it’ll just be a question of accessories! I’m going to be a Steampunk ‘Book’aneer, it’s been very exciting, especially after Kat made me a corset and my dad constructed a bustle for me. I just hope everything looks good when it’s put together…

On the doggy front, we’ve (my roommate Bonnie, and I) had some rough times with our dog Bartlet. He’s a sweetie but has some sever separation anxiety when we leave him alone during the day. After a near-disastrous run in with a neighbor we finally settled on a solution that we should’ve used from the beginning- crating. He doesn’t like it but he’s much calmer when we leave the house now. And our neighbor isn’t going out of his mind either! We’re also teaching him some new tricks, including “What does the President say?” (after which he barks-it’s awesome) (because he’s named after President Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet, from the West Wing)










Well, I guess that wraps things up until my next blog when I write about…a half marathon! *Gulp*

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It’s Always Halloween or Another Crafternoon

So The Dollar Tree already has Halloween stuff out! Normally I am in the camp that is flabbergasted by Halloween things in August or Christmas things out in October, but this time I was just excited since I’ve slowly been acquiring Halloween decorations all year long (Tuesday Morning always has Halloween things in their clearance section, I always treat myself to 1 thing when I’m there!). My obsession with this holiday is growing rapidly. BUT, I don’t like super scary things, I’m more a fan of cute spooky or Dia De Los Muertos (not technically Halloween, but I don’t feel bad lumping them together).

So when I saw this door knocker, I wasn’t in love.

But I thought it had potential AND it was only $1, so I brought it home. I decided to turn the creepy skull into a more friendly sugar skull or calavera.

I started off by taking out the knocker part and painted it with 2 coats of white paint, for a nice sugar skull look.

I was going to use markers for the details but I couldn’t find them (I think sharpies would work really well)! However, when I was rummaging through my craft closet I found my trusty puff fabric paint, which is great for detail work (I used it for my awesome TARDIS laptop cover.

I always start with details around the eyes.

And then just went crazy! That’s my favorite part of calaveras, you can’t have too much going on.

I ended up with this

You can’t really tell in the photo, but I filled the eye and nose sockets with black glitter. And the knocker now says Bienvenidos (what could be more fitting?)


I’m so much happier with this now. Also, I REALLY can’t wait for Halloween!


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