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I almost forgot to blog!

So tired and icky feeling. Won’t go into any detail because, yeah tmi, but yeah none fun.

But now I am mostly tired.

The theme for today is weather related stories. The weather catastrophes I have to contribute is hurricanes. Um. ┬áBig storms. Lots of rain and wind and flooding and other related stuff. They can be awful. Really really awful. Ike doesn’t seem like it was over a year ago but it was. We were without power for a little over a week. Luckily the library didn’t sustain any damage and our power and internet were working so we got to reopen immediately which was a great source of comfort (not to mention, coolness and source of information) for the community. It felt great to be that for our citizens. When the crisis began winding down for the most part, I got to cover the lunch shift in the emergency info area of the PD. It felt very official.

Luckily our house didn’t fare too poorly. We had to get a new roof and the roof of my dad’s aluminum barn was ripped completely off which looked really scary, but we fared better than we have in the past.

Yeah, so that’s my weather story. Now I’m going to bed because, well you know why, I’ve already said it a few times. I’m tired.

p.s. My kids love Dr. Horrible so much, we watched it today for the 3rd week in a row. We’re thinking about having a singalong party where we all dress as characters. I want to be one of the Bad Horse chorus!


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