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Day 3- Family Dinner, Lizzie Bennet, and Road Trips!

It’s Wednesday and that means Family Dinner Night! I always get psyched because A.) Free Dinner B.) my family rocks. Seriously. I don’t want to brag (though I’m totally going to) but I was hanging out with some friends the other day and we (they) were talking about their siblings and parents and I was really glad the conversation changed subjects before it got to me because I almost felt guilty that I had no real horror stories to tell about mine. We aren’t perfect and our relationships aren’t perfect. We fight and disagree and piss each other, but I genuinely love hanging with both of my parents and my both of my sisters. I spent the entire weekend at home and am still excited about having dinner there tonight. My dad will show me what things he’s made in his barn or the new/used truck he just bought, I’ll help mom and Katie cook dinner/vent about their week so far, fend off attention from all the dogs, share a bottle of wine and catch up on Castle and other tv shows and then head home. It’ll be awesome!

In other news, prompted by the kickstarter campaign and my pledge in the Pride and Prejudice Challenge, I finally got back around to finishing the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And then kicked myself for not jumping on that train as it left the station! So many awesome things going on with this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! The characters all have twitter accounts, apparently there are lookbooks and instagram accounts and pinterest boards and tumblrs! Basically all the things I love about the internet PLUS Jane Austen! Luckily the kickstarter is putting them all (all? twitter transcripts?) on dvd. And that’s a good thing. I hope this puts it in the hands of people who, like me, were reticent to watch 5 minute videos twice a week. Or those people who missed the social media bandwagon but still love Jane Austen’s timeless story. And this re-imagining of the story further proves the true universality of Pride and Prejudice. Even in a 2012-2013 suburban bedroom we all recognize the sharp tongued Miss Elizabeth Bennet and her practical best friend Charlotte Lu(cas). Jane is as sweet as ever and Lydia just as flighty and exasperating. But this retelling gives Austen’s characters even more depth and roundness. Through other video diaries we learn more about Lydia and Lizzie’s relationship and Charlotte is not completely written out of the story after she leaves with Mr. Collins. But I think my favorite storyline quirk is the resolution of Jane and Bing(ly)’s storyline. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have yet to watch it, but yeah, it’s pretty great. Becky talks about it more in her blog entry from April 1, hers is a more emotional testimonial to the story’s power since she watched it from the beginning. As I should have done.

Luckily, the creators of the LBD aren’t done! Next up is a short series based on Jane Austen’s Sanditon and then in July an entirely new book adaptation will start. But we don’t know what book is next! So Becky and I were discussing it today, debating which books would be ideal for such an update and how various issues would be dealt with in a modern context. We pitched Huck Finn and realized it would be a Road Trip Vlog, and then we decided that WE wanted to make a road trip vlog! So now that’s in the works for spring break next year! Somewhere in the West. It’ll be made even better by the fact that we have yet to meet in person. So exciting!!

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Pride & Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge!


So I know I just said I wouldn’t be doing a lot of New Year’s Resolutions, but then I found out this year is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice. And THEN I found out that austenprose.com is having a Pride & Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge, I couldn’t resist!

The goal is to read as many Jane Austen books/movie adaptations/spinoffs/prequels/sequels as you can during the year. You can hop in at a bunch of different levels. Don’t want to commit overly? Be a neophyte and read/watch 1-4. Want more of a challenge? Become a disciple and read/watch 5-8. Or prove your Austen Aficionada status with 9-12 books/movies in 2013.

As the proud owner of 9 copies of Pride & Prejudice(see below for an old picture when I only had a measly 7 copies..), I will be satisfied with no less than Aficionada status. So 9-12 books here I come!


I also kind of wanted to read the entire Sherlock Holmes canon…but that might be a little too ambitious now..


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Things I Love Thursday

  • 60 degree weather on a late April morning!
  • pretty successful run
  • painting at work
  • listening to Fool by Christopher Moore
  • Eating Greek food on the patio of Niko Niko’s
  • Lily Allen
  • Watching West Wing at lunch
  • making plans with Lisa to get our ears re-pierced
  • finally making a photobucket account to hold all the gifs I collect from the wonderful people I follow on tumblr
  • The #8in8 project with Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Damian Kulash,  especially this song (and the video made by a fan)
~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~
28. Favorite moment from the films.
I was really hoping you’d ask!
******Miles Run to Date******
12.5 miles

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B3DA 27: Just a quick one

I need to be able to wake up in the morning for a run, but I didn’t want to miss another day. So just Jane Austen today.

~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~

27. Favorite quote from the films.

Captain Wentworth: I imagined myself indifferent to her but I was only angry and resentful. Too late… too late I began to understand myself and her. Never have I met her equal in good sense or sweetness of character. She’s perfection itself. I’ve never loved any but her.
Captain Harville: We are talking now of Anne Elliot?
Captain Wentworth:Of course! Who else?

This quote is from the Rupert Penry-Jones Persuasion, but Ciaran Hinds is so cute in this picture!

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B3DA 26

Guys, I am so burned out on the blogging! I don’t know what the deal is, I love all the prompts but lately nothing has seemed interesting enough to write about. BUT I shall continue to push through.

A few random things:

  • The new dog seems to be suffering from separation anxiety, feel bad for the kid and I hope we can train it out of him
  • Does anyone else think/hope that Mark Sheppard’s character’s name is a reference to Firefly? (Everett Canton III v. Jayne the Hero of Canton? Or am I just reaching? Sheppard and Adam Baldwin have worked together in 5 projects…)
  • My teens judged the poems in our poetry contest today, one poem contained this line: “Baseball is awesome like a lion eating a possum…” LOVE.
~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~
25. Favorite family connection (i.e. sister-sister, mother-daughter, brother-sister, etc.)
I really need to reread Emma, but my favorite at the moment is Emma and John Knightley in the new Emma. He’s so persnickety!
26. Favorite casting cameo from the films.


****Miles Run to Date****



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B3DA 23

My poor sister. When I get tired and easily offended I respond with biting sarcasm (worse than usual, they don’t call me ‘Razorblade’ for nothin’). And when she gets tired she is easily upset by said sarcasm. Sigh. And yes, I always think of the quote from A Separate Peace “It was only long after that I recognized sarcasm as the protest of people who are weak” (Knowles, 29). Then I remember what my mom said when I read that line to her, something along the lines of, “That’s just what people say when they can’t think of anything mean to say back.” That doesn’t make me feel any better or worse about it, it just always makes me think of that. Anyway, luckily Katie doesn’t hold grudges too long.

Today I worked on what will be a baby shower gift that’s going to be pretty epic, then I left to go shopping with my mom and sister and my dad pretty much finished it….

New Doctor Who tonight! I loved it. I cried and I was petrified. No spoilers though because I know some people haven’t been able to watch yet. I do want to know if Mark Sheppard’s character’s name is a Firefly reference…also it’s weird that he has an American accent and *isn’t* playing a bad guy…*

~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~

22. Favorite Austen female casting decision.

Terribly underutilized

Though I did prefer her as Mrs. Fairfax in Jane Eyre…

23. Favorite Austen male casting decision

This guy in both Emma AND Mansfield Park

***Total Miles Run to Date***


*Okay so I was going to post a picture of Mark Sheppard but I just got sucked into looking at pictures and gifs of him on tumblr. And it made me realized how many of my favorite shows he’s been on. Firefly, The Middle Man, Leverage, Chuck, Burn Notice, The X Files  including shows from back in the day: JAG, Sliders! And shows I’ve been meaning to watch like Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural.

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B3DA 20: A post for yesterday about a fact from today that evokes a memory from 8 years ago

So yes, I didn’t blog yesterday. I was actually pretty productive at work and then I had dinner with my parents. My dad showed me all the crops he’s growing in our (their? Is it not mine anymore since I don’t live there now? How sad!) backyard. It’s amazing, he’s got grape vines, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, corn, okra, rosemary, sage, parsley, blueberries, blackberries, and plum, apricot, mulberries and orange trees. It’s just mindblowing.

Anyway, down to the story alluded to by the title of this post. Today is the anniversary of Mark Twain’s death.*My senior year of high school, my AP English teacher had a page-a-day calendar with inspirational quotes, she had also taped literature trivia on relevant days- “Moby Dick published” “Jane Austen was born” etc. I appointed myself the page turner of the calendar everyday before class began because I like to know those kinds of things. Usually I would remark out loud if the trivia was interesting but not to the class at large. On the day in question (April 21, 2003) I said something along the lines of “Mark Twain died today.” (as you do) and from behind me I heard a quiet “Yesssss!” I whipped around, and saw the only person seated and not talking to anyone else was a guy named Nick who was really quiet (until you got him onstage that is) normally, he was looking at his desk but looked up at me and I just cracked up. No one else cared.**

So that popped into my head this morning when I opened up my daily email from The Writer’s Almanac and saw that today is the day Mark Twain died.***

*That’s the fact

**That’s the memory

***Nothing against Mark Twain, he was kinda crazy and hated Jane Austen, but he was also pretty cool.

~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~

20. Moment that made you mad while reading.

Oooh, the beginning of Sense and Sensibility when Fanny Dashwood manipulates her husband into reducing his stepmother and half-sister’s prospects to near-poverty. UGH.

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