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Monday blahs

I love that Maureen Johnson has been tweeting about the Monday dragon all day, because that’s what it feels like today.  I am not feeling 100%  and I didn’t want this weekend to end, so Monday is not welcome. Luckily it’s almost over and I get to hang out with my sisters (Katie’s visiting for a day or 2!) and mom tonight when we shop for a baby shower present for our cousin Heidi.

This weekend was a blast, I got my haircut which is always fun because I love my hairdresser, Tricia. I went to the Friendswood Junior High musical which was about pirates and was hilarious! Then I met E and M and went to E’s little brother’s high school graduation (wearing a cardigan- however light- is no fun in late May in Houston, even at sunset). Pretty short though the commencement speaker was a little awful (he compared the tragedies of 9/11 and Hurricanes Katrina and Ike to the govt. wanting to stop off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico- all while not mentioning the ongoing BP oil spill. What can I say, sadly this is oil country….) Then we were off to the graduation party E’s parents threw for both her brothers AND her husband (yeah, we like graduations) which was fun especially because I found some 13 year olds to spend the evening talking to and avoided some unforeseen awkwardness.

Sunday was M’s law school graduation/more general celebration and then a late nap. And a successful nap! I took the advice you, gentle readers, gave me and woke up, deliciously refreshed, at my alarm 30 minutes after falling asleep. E and I went to Target to get last minute things for her Spring trip this week (88 7th graders, 11 chaperones on a bus to West Texas and New Mexico anyone? She doesn’t get paid enough.). Then we watched Clueless, which has to be one of the best movies, and best Austen-adaptation ever. Sit down, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Cher is talking about the Hat-ee-ans

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