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3 Day Weekend Heralds the Beginning of Summer for Some

Well, school (at least in Friendswood) is out. This brings mixed emotions for me. I’m glad my kids are happy to be free, but the new junior high is opening several miles away which means my school year crowd is going to be very different next year. Not sure what will happen there in the Fall.

My 2 day long marathon of Doctor Who is over, and so are the last of our ‘quiet’ days at the library. Now the days will be full of families searching for a cool way to spend a few minutes/hours with books or the variety of programming we offer or picking up prizes from the summer reading club. It’s totally exhausting but so very fun and I’m excited but nervous as always.

But before that begins, we have a 3 day weekend! I’ll be spending it in New Braunfels with my sisters. So far, our plans consist of vague ideas to go antiquing and floating the river and Monday we’re seeing the Barenaked Ladies perform in Austin, which I’m so psyched for! This will be my 3rd time to see them, and I’m curious to see how they’ll perform as a foursome.

I had to take off the afternoon so I don’t go into overtime (I’m going in for our kick off party in the morning), so Robin and I met my mom at the high school and then went for margaritas and fajitas and I was so tired when I got home around 7, I read some and actually took a nap! Again! And only for half an hour again so I’m not in a bad mood, miracle of miracles! But when I woke up the weather had turned, from clear blue skies to overcast and pouring rain. The temperature has gone down to 79 but the humidity is at 77% so it feels soupy outside. Gross. Hope it lightens up for tomorrow!

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