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Thoughts on a new year

As I sit here on the couch recovering from the holidays (3 Walt Disney parks, Harry Potter World, Ranch weekend, Rose Bowl victory) surrounded by boxes of my belongings, it seems like a good time to contemplate the new year, what it may hold in store, and what I’d like to accomplish during 2011. Unfortunately, the 1981 mini-series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a little distracting to the contemplating, thus this will probably be quite short and not very well thought out.

Becky resolved to write more and that made me think that I’d like to work on being more creative as well. I really want to work on my drawing, painting, and various crafting. I’d like to learn to sew a little, but I don’t really see that happening yet. So I’d like to resolve to produce something at least once a month. I may post them here so I can attempt to keep myself honest, though that probably will depend on how much I like what I produce…

I’d also like to cook more. This one seems pretty easy to accomplish. I’ve got a new roommate to share the food with, and less rent to pay which means a little more space in the budget for fun ingredients! So yay for that!

I think that may it for my resolutions…first I’ve got to move into my new place. Which happens on Thursday, I just need to finish packing. It seems like that’ll never happen. I have so much stuff. And yet, I’m sitting here blogging instead of packing…

Okay, so I’m off to bed in hopes that I’m not getting sick on top of all that’s going on.

Edit to add: I can’t believe I forgot my physical goals for the new year! They’re pretty simple, it’s not like I want to lost 50 pounds or anything, so I think I can achieve them.

Finish the Couch to 5k program, and run a 5k. I’m working on week 7 of 9 (I say working on because I was unable to complete the 25 minute runs last week for some reason so I’m repeating the week). I started back in early November and it’s been a really easy program to follow since it doesn’t overwhelm you with a run run run! mentality. I’ve never (ever) been athletic so the fact that I can now jog for 25 minutes without dying seems miraculous to me!

Try Yoga Journal’s 21 day challenge. Last night as I lay in bed, it occurred to me that someone, somewhere must have some yoga podcasts! While searching this morning I found Yoga Journal and impulsively signed up for the Challenge which starts on the 10th, then did some sun salutations. In the cold light of almost-noon, I’m wondering if that was such a good idea…In any event, I need to find a new yoga mat.



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