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Today’s theme is to teach the other BEDAs something they wouldn’t already know. And okay, I’m not saying I couldn’t teach y’all something, but I’m tired and I just watched the 100th episode of Bones and it kinda (really) bummed me out, and the thought of teaching something totally exhausts me.

So, to feel better I’m watching an episode of the almost totally (and sadly) unwatched show The Middleman. So maybe I’ll teach you guys something you probably already know: how to get obsessed with a television show.

  1. First, listen to a friend go on and on about a show they “think you would really love”
  2. Nod and smile kindly and vaguely while trying to get out of being made to watch something you’re not sure you’d like.
  3. Finally give in after months of badgering and agree to watch an episode
  4. Become completely charmed and addicted to said television show and a little chagrined about not trusting suggester.
  5. Watch every possible episode of the show and find out what other shows the actors are now in.

So, now that we have that lesson out of the way, I’ll talk about The Middleman! If you have heard of this show, you know that it is amazing, and if you haven’t I’m going to tell you about it now. So. It’s a difficult show to explain, it’s based on a series of comic books, it’s about struggling artist Wendy Watson who, while doing temp work witnesses a mysterious and disastrous creature who is destroyed by an even more mysterious man known only as The Middleman. Wendy is then recruited by the Middleman to help investigate and take care of crazy happenings. There are silly villains, cranky middle aged lady androids, quippy wordplay, geeky references, the most adorable ideal boy ever, and episode titles like The Accidental Occidental Conception, The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum and The Ectoplasmic Pan-Hellenic Investigation. ¬†What’s not to love?

Here are a few clips of some witticisms that make this show so adorable:

Also, I really wish I could put some scenes with Tyler (who is basically my dream guy, seriously. SERIOUSLY. Let’s just say this is one of his quotes: Tyler Ford: “Did your boss just call you on your watch and say something about a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster?” SWOON!) without feeling like I was spoiling anything for you. Instead, I will merely post a picture of the adorable guy who plays him, Brendan Hines:

Basically this is a great show, my lusting for a fictional character aside, and you should give it a try if you like colorful, snarky, geeky shows that totally should’ve had a longer run of it. Also, props to ABC Family for having a show like it–way better than Secret Life of the American Teenager!

Till tomorrow!

p.s. Happy birthday Leigh Anne, see you tomorrow!

p.p.s. The Middleman’s not so bad either(just not my cup of milk)!


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