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Day 6- Yeah yeah, I missed yesterday

I’m still in Savannah on a wedding weekend and I totally did not have time to write yesterday as I was busy recovering from the bachelorette party (we ended up at a honky tonk, felt like I was back at home). We had a lot of fun doing all the usual bachelorette stuff you’d expect. Yes there were, uh, suggestive straws and candy. We met a guy who’d (supposedly) won the lottery the week before who bought us some shots. And there was lots of dancing, including line dancing! Which meant we slept late the morning. Had a late brunch and shopped despite the cold and rain. But today is beautiful and Holly and Alex are here now! Savannah is (surprise, surprise) a really cool town. I totally didn’t realize they had an open container law and that’s both strange and cool. And I always forget that it’s the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. They’re doing construction at her house so I didn’t get to investigate, which just means I’ll have to come back someday.


Tomorrow is the wedding. At a plantation. A PLANTATION. This is going to be insanely lovely, if only because Katie is very particular and a photographer/stylist besides having the best taste ever. Pictures will be posted. And probably some Vines. 

Attempting to find a place to have dinner tonight. It is not going to be easy. There are some dietary and budgetary restrictions. We shall persevere though. This is all terribly interesting, I know. You’ll be more excited when I show you pictures later.


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