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Say what?

I’ve blogged before about my love of quotes. I keep a few notebooks of ridiculous/hilarious things my friends have said (and I’ve even illustrated a few of them).

I also love quotes by people who are smarter and more eloquent or funnier than I am. John Green says, “Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting.” And I like to think about that when I’m browsing through my new favorite quote site (yes, I have several, what of it?), Quotabl.es “Where the quotes live online.”

My BEDA Buddy, Nicola (@robotnic on twitter) interns for Quotabl.es, which is what led me to the site a few days ago. So fun! I really enjoy being able to add new quotes to the site. For instance, they were missing my favorite Jane Austen quote:

“Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint!”

So I added it!

I’ve also run across a bunch of new quotes that I really love. It was the anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment (that gave women the right to vote) here in America a few weeks ago, so these quotes by Lucy Stone, an American abolitionist and women’s rights advocate (and total bad ass lady) really resonated with me:

“I think, with never-ending gratitude, that the young women of today do not and can never know at what price their right to free speech and to speak at all in public has been earned.”

“Too much has already been said and written about “women’s sphere”. Leave women, then, to find their sphere.”

“You may talk about Free Love, if you please, but we are to have the right to vote. Today we are fined, imprisoned, and hanged, without a jury trial by our peers. You shall not cheat us by getting us off to talk about something else.”

Also, in pertinent quotable history news, today in 1901 at the Minnesota state Fair the then vice-president Theodore Roosevelt referenced a West African proverb while talking about the Monroe Doctrine which he used as a corollary for his future ‘Big Stick’ ideology. Anyway, we all know the quote, but here it is:

“Speak softly and carry a big stick: you will go far.”

And here is a T.R. comic by the awesome Kate Beaton at hark! a vagrant

Okay, I think that about does it for me today. With the cohesive thoughts about quotes, anyway. I might like to do one in the future just about Joss Whedon quotes like:

“Remember, be yourself…Unless you suck.”

“”I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of. “

“Equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance, and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and woman who’s confronted with it. We need equality. Kinda now.”

Because, seriously, is there any wondering why this man is so beloved?

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