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Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone, this is my inaugural post from the new blog I’ve been threatening to get, so we’ll see how it goes. So far, it’s not harder to use than blogger.  This may be something that gets added to the Things I Love, list for today, but it’s too early to tell..

This week has been impossibly slooooow, my good friend Jana says that it’s vacationitis (something like senioritis, only I guess you’re still getting paid), so I feel like I’ve just been wasting time around here, but when I look back on things I realize I’ve gotten a lot of stuff accomplished it just feels like wasted time because the kids I work with aren’t hanging around yet and I have no programs to run.

So, Things I Love:

Surprise visits: This week I was visited at work by both of my sisters! Katie brought me coffee on my dinner break on Tuesday and watched the end of Firefly with us and stayed for my TAG meeting and it was awesome! And then today Robin randomly dropped by on her way home from work. She didn’t bring me coffee but she shared her cherry coke from Sonic with me. And she was a big help dispelling the tedium of sitting at the children’s desk.

Greek Food: I just can’t stop talking about Ellie’s and greek food in general. It’s just so good. Mousakka, lamb, galatboureko, kataifi, gyros. Yum, yum, yum.

Julie and Julia: Watched this with my mom and my sisters (and our friend Adam) on Tuesday. We were alone in the theatre which is good, because every other scene I was exclaiming (out loud) Oh! She’s soooo adorable! I love her! I want to be friends with Julia Child! Butter! Stop crying Amy Adams! Husbands! Love! etc. You get the picture. Also, if I hadn’t been full I would’ve been miserable. Also, if I’d been eating movie theatre food (popcorn, sourpatch kids, coke) I would’ve felt disappointed. None of this was the case, and I absolutely loved the movie, so go see it!

Seeing Friends: Going to hang out at the “Toaster” which is the name for Jana and Eric’s apartment, weird story. Basically because he’s a bagel. Anyway, we’re going to watch the Barenaked Ladies documentary. Which will not feature any nude women, only goofy Canadian men folk-rocking out.

Jen wigging out about our trip: Here are a few excerpts from my conversation with Jen from yesterday:

“Jen: so I was wondering when you wanted me to release a whole bunch of anxious on youeither later tonight tomorrow or on the airplaneI mean we are stuck on an airplane for quite a while.”

Jen: bought a special journal for my axious habits for tripsits half way fulldo you have a compass?me: noJen: I think it is the one thing that I dont have yet that I would need to getme: aren’t there compasses on your travel books you love?is there an app for it on the iphone?Jen:wow!!! yes there totally isI have to figure out how to use one now”
I wonder if others will find this as amusing as I do. I love Jen, and we’ll totally balance each other out on this trip. She’ll want to plan everything to a T and I’ll be stopping to take pictures of leaves in a gutter or something. It’ll be awesome.
Europe! This time next week I’ll be in London, hopefully I will remember/be able to pop in for a quick blog post, but if I can’t I’ll write it in my travel journal and transpose it. p.s. anyone want to pretend to be me for the first few days in my online classes this semester? Just kidding!

iTunes: Since the wonderful Becky mentioned Trock On I felt the desperate need to own it, but if I order it today it won’t make it here in time for the trip, so I’m going to buy it on iTunes! Huzzah for Apple and technology!

Doctor Who: What’s a Thursday without me declaring my love for a certain bi-cardial Time Lord? On Monday I was hit by the overwhelming need to watch the 2 part finale of series 2 of Doctor Who. Even though, it always makes me cry. So after suffering through an episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager (vomit) we watched it. As expected many tears. But still amazing.

Neil Gaiman: Also a Thursday staple (or it should be). The fantastic Mr. Gaiman won a Hugo! Yay! Seriously, people are just throwing awards at this man, I’m pretty sure he’s going to start turning them down soon (he turned down the Hugo nomination for his novel Anansi Boys). Anyway, in his latest blog entry he wrote something beautiful and brillian (not surprising. He *is* a writer after all).

“And there are things I have to read tonight, and things I still have to watch: but I watched 28 stars fall, and I didn’t mind that I couldn’t think of anything to wish for, and the air was cool and the bats were silent and I could have stared up at the sky forever.”




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