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B3DA Day 1- Introductory Notes

One of my favorite features about WordPress is the stats, this might point toward a need for validation and to be loved but I don’t really care, I just like to look at the little chart! I saw that I had 15 views yesterday, which surprised and delighted me. I hope you all keep returning, for the next month at least, because I am anticipating some crazy Texas Spring Time antics (that’s because I live in Texas, where it is not snowing you poor northern/midwestern people)!

For initiates, this is Day 1 of Blog Every Day April. The title is pretty explanatory, because yeah I will be blogging every day this month. With the help of these lovely prompts- http://becky-jean.blogspot.com/p/beda.html

If you’re new here,


I’m Christina, or Sti, or @librariansti. I’m a Young Adult Librarian. I love my job, all things British (Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and Jane Austen especially-in fact the name of my blog is a British reference, if you can name it in the comments you get extra points!*), reading, art, music–all that good stuff everyone likes. I love long, run on sentences, and commas, so bear with me! This is my third year to do B3DA with Becky, Autumn, and Nicola my dear BEDA Buddies who I would not have met without the insanity and unconfined strangeness that is Maureen Johnson. So thanks, Maureen (though you’ll never read this) for introducing me to some lovely people and for making me stretch my writing muscles once a year!

To all my returning friend and readers

I think my new ‘thing’ will be lots of gifs. I hope this won’t slow down your computers, you’ve been warned!

Okay, this was just a short intro into my life. If I think of more I’ll add them in later today…



*These points don’t mean anything, but it’s fun to have incentives, isn’t it?



Also, as a companion to each B3DA entry I’m going to try my hand at the 30 Day Jane Austen Challenge from foolishpreparation’s tumblr

So today is ‘Favorite Austen Heroine’ which is, of course, a tough one.

But here she is:

Anne Elliot!



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