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Another crafternoon extravaganza!

Oh hullo blog! I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted (February?). I’ve been a bit busy, I can’t even begin to tell you how busy. But I’ll try with a few bullet points

  • 2 weeks in Spain
  • 1 Library Conference
  • 1 root canal
  • 1 jury to serve on
  • 2 weddings to attend
  • Summer at the library to prepare
  • Summer at the library
  • learning the ukulele
  • meeting Wilson Phillips
  • Getting ready to attend ComicCon (for free!)

I know I’m missing a lot of things, but really I shouldn’t have to make excuses to you, you’re just a blog. ANYway, the point of this entry is to brag about the things I accomplished today! 

Some of them are related to the last thing on the list above. I am so psyched to be attending San Diego ComicCon as a professional (as a member of the TLA Maverick Committee). And I’ll be on a panel with 01: Second Publishing talking about graphic novel awards in libraries. So I decided I wanted to cosplay a bit. One of my costumes is going to be Wonder Woman the Librarian, so I worked on that a bit today. 


I found these great earrings at Goodwill and added these comic book-y charms. 


Decorated a few Wonder Woman sunglasses too!

I don’t have a picture of my skirt, but I’ll post the whole costume when I’m done with it.

The project I tackled was decided on the spur of the moment. I have a pair of flats that I have walked almost to pieces. I’ve been wanting to paint shoes for a while now, so I decided these would be the guinea pigs. Lisa said they should be Sherlock themed so I made them into Sherlock and John!,Image

I really like these shoes.



John’s cableknit jumper, and a picture of Martin Freeman for reference and also because he is adorable.


Sherlock’s Purple Shirt of Sex, on Benedict Cumberbatch and on my shoe (it looks better on him, obviously)


A kitteh because John is made of them.



Bartlet is BORED.

Well that’s it for today, I think…


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