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A beautiful wedding

Maybe I want to get married on my birthday…one day…Anyway, that’s what Neil Gaiman did, Amanda Palmer his fiance planned a flashmob wedding on the streets of New Orleans for his 50th birthday. How cool is that?

Here’s an account of the entire thing on Amanda’s blog:


And the beautiful wedding album put together by Kyle Cassidy and Olga Nunes:


My favorite part are the vows that Jason Webley says:

“Friends, family, complete strangers; we
are gathered here today on the 10th day of November in
the year 2010 to celebrate the union of this Man and his
statue Bride.

Do you, a man of flesh and blood, take this statue of
stone, metal, wood or plastic to love and to cherish, to
worship and protect, and to honor until death, erosion
or act of vandalism do you part?

And do you, a statue, take this unlikely but magnificent
amalgamation of tissue, blood and bone to honor and
protect, to love and cherish until death, erosion of act
of vandalism do you part?

By whatever powers might be vested in me by any governing
bodies or deities, living dying or dead, I declare
you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Beautiful. I teared up during the video.

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