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Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. As she is awesome and I am trying to save money, I decided to make her present this year.

I found a great craft tutorial on pinterest that involves one of my favorite crafts- shrinky dinks!

So I requested photos from my sisters and set to work!

Using Type 6 recyclable plastic and a sharpie I traced our silhouettes.

I just held the plastic to my laptop screen to trace. I also added a little frame and our initials.

Then I baked them on a tray of foil for a few minutes and they magically shrank!*


Then I attached them to a bracelet (I punched holes in the plastic before baking)

I put the corresponding letter next to the corresponding daughter.

They make a lovely clacking noise, just like we do in real life when we fight 🙂

In ascending age from left to right- Robin, Katie, Me.


I’m pretty proud of it, and mom seemed to like it! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of her showing it off…

I leave you instead with this picture of Bartlet ‘keeping calm’

*Not really magic, science. This is the tutorial I always use when making shrinky dinks. It’s great: http://www.curbly.com/users/Chrisjob/posts/2252-DIY-Shrinky-Dinks-#jump


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Merry Christmas!

Ah Christmas-time. This week I did all those traditional things that make you feel all twinkly and filled with cheer. You know, attended a party where Die Hard was playing in the background, attended a menorah lighting ceremony, ate waay too many cookies, wrapped presents poorly, drank wassail, went to the liquor store, stayed up late watching movies with old friends, and of course made a gingerbread Tardis. Here are a few photos of those happenings.

Menorah lighting!

My dad is super classy, picking his nose in my firetruck mittens.

Hipster pups

Nick doesn't dress warmly enough

The humble beginnings of a Type G Tardis

Tardis Blue icing

These York Peppermint Patty pieces were perfect!

Made some stars to be the Time Vortex

These were lighthouses originally, but I shortened them and made them Daleks

Daleks attack the Tardis while it is flight in the Time Vortex

The Doctor confronts the Daleks

Very proud (also, these are my 'Woodland Creature Eyes'

See, my mom does it too!

Tomorrow and Sunday will bring more fun traditions, food and lots of BBCAmerica on the television. But I don’t know what could top making my Gingerbread House and making the Tardis! Oh wait, my sister comes home tomorrow! 🙂 Hope your Christmas is as wonderful as mine!

Merry Christmas!

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A Rainy Crafternoon

Today it rained and Bonnie and I went to Michael’s. I found some neat boxes in the Impulse Buy Section and I’ve been cutting up old graphic novels/comics books sooooo…..

Wonder Woman!


Classic Wonder Woman

Newer Wonder Woman

Not pictured, Yellow Ws on sides of case..

Bartlet got a bath today, he was not happy

Unhappy puppy

But he *does* like to hang out under the Christmas tree with a treat, so I think he forgave us.

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Buen Viaje!

[Insert usual apologies for lack of blogging here]

Many new things happening in my life.

Yesterday my little sister, Katie, left to live in Spain for 10 months. To clear up the common confusion, I have two younger sisters. Katie who is 22 months younger than me (That means for part of the year-like right now-we’re technically only a year apart, I hate this!) and Robin is exactly 6 years and 1 week younger than me. Not confusing, right? Well, most people can’t tell them apart. No joke, they’ve convinced strangers that they are fraternal twins.

Really, there's a 4 year difference!

Anyway, Katie graduated in May and was accepted to a program to teach English in a school in Estepa, a small village outside Seville. She was very excited but nervous when she left yesterday, but I’m confident she’ll be fantastic. Her plane was due to land in Malaga about an hour ago and I’ve never felt the need to text her more than I have since we dropped her off!
Since she’s been home most of the summer, we got to spend more time together than we have in the past several years. We kept each other sane during our trip with our grandmother, I helped her gather things she needed to take with her and got her a new camera, and she came to see Maureen Johnson with us which led to meeting a fellow nerdfighter who had also lived in Seville and was able to give her lots of advice. The past two weeks have been particularly intense because her birthday was the 22nd, and we had a going away party that lasted till the wee hours of the morning. So I’ve been at my parents house 10 days out of the last 14… All this means I’m going to miss her more than when she just lived 3 hours away…which is logical I guess. But I’m planning on visiting her in the Spring, probably in April, so who knows what that means for BEDA…

In other news, it officially Halloween! I mean October. Hopefully that means cooler weather will arrive soon AND Halloween is mere weeks away. I’ve been slyly making people work on my costume for me. I am very sneaky about it. But seriously I would not be nearly close to done as I am without some major help (you know, since I can’t sew). Today, my mom will hopefully be able to work on the skirts and then it’ll just be a question of accessories! I’m going to be a Steampunk ‘Book’aneer, it’s been very exciting, especially after Kat made me a corset and my dad constructed a bustle for me. I just hope everything looks good when it’s put together…

On the doggy front, we’ve (my roommate Bonnie, and I) had some rough times with our dog Bartlet. He’s a sweetie but has some sever separation anxiety when we leave him alone during the day. After a near-disastrous run in with a neighbor we finally settled on a solution that we should’ve used from the beginning- crating. He doesn’t like it but he’s much calmer when we leave the house now. And our neighbor isn’t going out of his mind either! We’re also teaching him some new tricks, including “What does the President say?” (after which he barks-it’s awesome) (because he’s named after President Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet, from the West Wing)










Well, I guess that wraps things up until my next blog when I write about…a half marathon! *Gulp*

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