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Merry Christmas!

Ah Christmas-time. This week I did all those traditional things that make you feel all twinkly and filled with cheer. You know, attended a party where Die Hard was playing in the background, attended a menorah lighting ceremony, ate waay too many cookies, wrapped presents poorly, drank wassail, went to the liquor store, stayed up late watching movies with old friends, and of course made a gingerbread Tardis. Here are a few photos of those happenings.

Menorah lighting!

My dad is super classy, picking his nose in my firetruck mittens.

Hipster pups

Nick doesn't dress warmly enough

The humble beginnings of a Type G Tardis

Tardis Blue icing

These York Peppermint Patty pieces were perfect!

Made some stars to be the Time Vortex

These were lighthouses originally, but I shortened them and made them Daleks

Daleks attack the Tardis while it is flight in the Time Vortex

The Doctor confronts the Daleks

Very proud (also, these are my 'Woodland Creature Eyes'

See, my mom does it too!

Tomorrow and Sunday will bring more fun traditions, food and lots of BBCAmerica on the television. But I don’t know what could top making my Gingerbread House and making the Tardis! Oh wait, my sister comes home tomorrow! 🙂 Hope your Christmas is as wonderful as mine!

Merry Christmas!

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Another crafterevening

This weekend it’s more of the same, mod podge and Wonder Woman and book pages! Why mess with success?

I can wear them!


Candleholder, yes it is about Batman..

Watching Leap Year. It’s so odd seeing actors who play some some of my favorite tv characters acting very unlike those characters. Sweet Dee not swearing? Ben Wyatt being super slick? Weird. Also, I was worried it wouldn’t pass the Bechdel test, but then Anna and an Irish woman talk about chicken. Before moving onto talking about men and marriage again…so whew! Still it’s a stinking cute movie.

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A Rainy Crafternoon

Today it rained and Bonnie and I went to Michael’s. I found some neat boxes in the Impulse Buy Section and I’ve been cutting up old graphic novels/comics books sooooo…..

Wonder Woman!


Classic Wonder Woman

Newer Wonder Woman

Not pictured, Yellow Ws on sides of case..

Bartlet got a bath today, he was not happy

Unhappy puppy

But he *does* like to hang out under the Christmas tree with a treat, so I think he forgave us.

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Venn Pieagram Birthday!

Like I mentioned earlier, I asked my mom to make me a Venn Pieagram instead of a birthday cake this year. And she did not disappoint! It was so much more amazing then I even expected. Below are a few pictures of the pie itself and the pie pan my parents modified to hold the pie(s)!

Cherry and Blueberry!

Pie pan(s)

So, basically, it was an awesome Birthukkah!

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